We bring our unique perspectives to our work and understand the political, practical, strategic and technical side of this practice.

Amanda was a lobbyist and serves on a local planning commission. Her practice spans the state of California which gives her strong and positive relationships with a host of government officials.

Joey was a civil engineer for 12 years before becoming a lawyer. This gives her the ability to understand and untangle technical issues, and to maintain excellent relationships with consultants and agency staff alike.

Janice has represented both international and U.S.-based clients in complex real estate transactions throughout the West Coast. Based on her experience, she can navigate real estate deals smoothly and thoroughly on behalf of diverse stakeholders.

Rob ran his own building contractor business and has himself faced the hurdles of what our clients must overcome to get building. This unique experience allows him to appreciate our clients’ perspective in land use transactional matters.

Carlyn’s experience as a government lawyer provides her with insight into how to effectively engage public agencies to proactively resolve issues and ensure our clients’ projects stay on track.

Peter’s experience in-house at a publicly traded energy company gives him first-hand perspective on the many factors our clients have to take into account to achieve their business goals, from legal, political and regulatory risks to financial hurdles to management approvals.

Ashley’s experience with all types of land use and permitting, combined with her experience on transactional matters, gives her the versatility to engage on all aspects of our client’s work.

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