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We’ve Grown!

Monchamp Meldrum LLP welcomes new members - partner Paula Kirlin and counsel Rob Taboada. We look forward to adding Paula's and Rob's breadth of experience and expanding on the excellent legal services we provide to our clients on our new platform. To read more about Paula and Rob, see our Team Page

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OPR Releases List of CEQA Exemptions Not Included Within CEQA

OPR released a useful technical advisory yesterday (June 6).  It  includes a list of all the projects that are statutorily exempt from review under CEQA based code provisions that are outside of the CEQA statute itself. Check it out here:

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CEQA Negative Declaration Case – Jensen v. City of Santa Rosa

On behalf of the Council of Infill Builders, Monchamp Meldrum LLP submitted a request for publication of Jensen v. City of Santa Rosa (Case No. A144782) – a classic NIMBY case that opposed conversion of a defunct hospital into the ‘Dream Center’ so that Social Advocates for Youth could provide housing and supportive services for 63 youth. Requests for publication were submitted by a host of organizations and were granted by the First District Court of Appeal on May 24. The…

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CEQA Case – Don’t Cell Our Parks v. City of San Diego/Verizon Case

Don't Cell Our Parks V. City Of San Diego/Verizon Case

The Fourth District Court of Appeal’s recent case Don’t Cell Our Parks v. City of San Diego/Verizon upholds application of the Class 3 categorical exemption under CEQA Guidelines 15303 to a new wireless telecommunications pole in a city-owned park. This case adds to existing case law that applies Class 3 to other telecommunications equipment (Aptos Residents and Robinson (antennas on poles) and San Francisco Beautiful (cabinets)). The court noted that while none of the examples included in the Guidelines…

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